Toshiya Tsunoda — Scenery of Decalomania

Naturestrip is proud to present the stunning new release by Japanese Sound artist, Toshiya Tsunoda.
This is Tsunoda’s first solo release on Naturestrip having contributed to the Overland compilation (NS3002). Tsunoda offers us over 64 minutes of pure sonic pleasure. The 7 tracks span over a decade’s worth of sound exploration and showcase Tsunoda’s talents.
Scenery of decalcomania is the title of the album and in Tsunoda’s own words “An event causes vibrations to travel through a certain space, and the vibrations affect this space. Or to put it another way, a space is made to appear through vibration. A similar example; the stain of paint on textured paper is pressed into a new surface, a decalcomania.

Tsunoda continues to innovate and challenge in his exploration of ‘vibrating spaces’. The subtle incorporation of electronics and audio filtering, featured on three of these pieces, are an added bonus for fans of Tsunoda’s work. Set against the stark beauty of his field recordings, these ‘manipulations’ further emphasise the unique and perceptive appreciation of acoustic phenomenon for which Tsunoda is known.

Includes immediate download of 5-track album in the high-quality format of your choice (MP3, FLAC, and more), plus unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app.