The Footpath

Cat: NS3007 Release: 1 Jan 2008


Loren Chasse is a man of many guises, while his recent solo 
releases being issued under the moniker Of for the past couple of 
years, his constant output via Jewelled Antler related projects has 
continued with his revolving presence in Thuja, Blithe Sons, Softwar, 
Ov, Kyrgyz, and many others. The work that Loren produces under his 
own name tends toward the sound art end of his aesthetic spectrum, 
closer to his work with Id Battery and Coelacanth than the field 
recordist approach to rural psychedelia found in those Jewelled Antler 
efforts. Editing and mixing magic and offering douceur to those records. Falsely minimum and ghostly, evocative and beautiful. Recommended for sensitive souls.


Loren places his ear upon the earth and begins his journey. we’ve all wished at times that we could present our dreams, or other complex things inside of us, to others exactly as we can see or hear them within us. in this case, loren has given us access to this little listening space inside his head, for we hear things we could only hear if we were inside him – it is the sounds of the world, sometimes manipulated by his hands, resonating through the earth and moving into us through his ears.

— S
teve Roden