BCSC Residency 2015

Naturestrip generously enabled me to undertake a two week residency at the Bogong Centre for Sound Culture in the Victorian Alps. There, I explored the dialogue between loudspeaker and microphone, the capture/release/recapture/re-release of sound. I brought loudspeakers into the mountains, manipulating sonic environments through the injection of sound, recorded those, and fed this process back in a variety of environments. These experiments asked many questions about the ethics of this practice, the privileging of fidelity, and the acousmatic perception of place.
I explored these through four articles written while I was there:

Bogong residency 1: Fidelity Bogong residency 2: Plastic

Bogong residency 3: Phase

Bogong residency 4: Vibe

Other activities undertaken at Bogong included recording plastic bags and gales at the top of mountains, playing phase-cancellation as a sort of musical instrument, and fortuitously recording a lyrebird. These recordings will hopefully culminate in a new recorded work slated for release next year.
Special thanks to Hamish and Anthony of Naturestrip, and Madelynne Cornish and Philip Samartzis of Bogong Centre for Sound Culture.