Eugene Carchesio & Leighton Craig

Eugene Carchesio & Leighton Craig

Eugene Carchesio + Leighton Craig  have been collaborating since the mid noughties, with recordings  ranging from minimal keyboard studies, song based explorations, site specific environmental recordings, sound installations and group improvisation to punk infused outing.

They are also known as pop miniaturists ‘the deadnotes’, and minimalist punks ‘G55’ and ‘fig’.

18 conversations in the upstairs room, download, 2011 (kindling, aus)
the constant flow of light, download, 2011 (kindling, aus)
leaves, cd reissue, 2006 (naturestrip, melb, aus)
field, 3” cdr, 2005 (kindling, aus)
leaves, cdr, 2004 (kindling, aus)
the hunter constellation session, 3”cdr, 2003 (kindling, aus)
community of opposites, 3” cdr, 2003, (kindling, aus)
s/t, 3”cdr, 2003, (kindling, aus)

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