Naturestrip is an independent Australian based sound and art supporter that has evolved to fund and assist Australian artists to realise a variety of projects.

Naturestrip supports individual and collective visions that focuses on sound to establish dialogue and works that may not seem commercially viable or contextually marketable thus providing a platform for artists to present ideas, provoke thought and discussion in forms not limited to; Books, Music releases, music performance, sound research, sound installation, events, and written publications.

Naturestrip started life in 2003 releasing seven albums over the next few years and creating quite a following in the world of experimental sound. The label concentrated on working with artists who created compositions using field recordings as a core aspect to their art making. From amplifying the minuscule, to creating psychogeographical soundtracks, sparking the imagination and generating a sense of memory , possibly played along to with the aid of tonal instrumentation, all the works resulted in a sense of wonder. Wonder; about who, where and how. The idea of location worked throughout many of the recordings and we loved the fact that they were reflecting the beauty of a ‘place’.